Lakidis Machinery




This mixer is designed for mixing meat, poultry, fish and other type of food products. It is designed to mix products in such a way so sauces, spices and other food additives become homogenized. This is achieved because the paddles rotate into each other and on the same time have a small height difference between them.The product is inserted through a loading device and after its process the double paddle system drives it to the outlet. The outlet system is placed at the bottom of the bowl, on the front side of the machine.

The product after mixing can be emptied into a 200lt bin through a special opening placed on the lowest point of the front side. On top a special protection cover is placed. Both protection cover and product discharge opening are manually operated. The speed and the direction of the paddles, can be adjusted from the control of the machine. Also the opening and closing of covers and lifter for 200lt bin.

The machine is equipped with II speeds ( standard version) . The paddles can work either clockwise or anticlockwise.

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